Dog Lost After A Tornado Neglected Home Reunited With Mom

EF2 Tornado approached Logan County, Arkansas, tore apart a couple of houses include the one of Bruce and Ona Dunlap.

At first, the couple didn’t perceive what was coming as it was utter quiet out there. As soon as everyone realized the disaster is near, they rushed into the storm shelter.

While Ona helped the handicapped housemate into the shelter, Bruce searched for the pets. He had four cats and two dogs to find. But only could he find three cats and one dog; the rest of them went missing; they are Ladybug the cat and Dasha the pup. Bruce got no more time, so he had to leave without the two pets.

What must be must be! The storm took a walk pass their home and picked up the roof. It scattered all content on its way, creating an awful mess that nobody could recognize that was once their house.

Luckily, the family and their friends were safe. They came back to see what was left.

Out of the ruin, a flash of furry emerged and ran to her mom, like a lost child found her mother after a long while. Ona and Dasha talked to each other like a human to human and shared the sweetest kisses.

The couple was so happy that they found Dasha. Later on, Ladybug also appeared wet, cold and trembling. Ona would do more if she could than just embracing the cat to her warm body.

This reunion was a miracle. The tornado might take the couple’s material but didn’t take the love of their life.

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