30 Fantastic Ideas For Garden Fence Décor

Seeking something to make your garden fence less boring? This post is right up your street. It shows 30 fantastic ideas for garden fence décor. Normally, garden owners paint their garden fence with color that fits in their garden or they prefer. Why not hanging some flower baskets onto it or building a pallet fence garden planter leaning against it? It does not cost you a lot of time and budget but gives your garden fence a new stunning look. Worth trying, right?


Many people think that garden fence is just a visible border that creates the privacy for your garden. It also helps deter animals like rabbits and deer from coming into your garden. But you can do something to turn it into an attractive spot of your garden, from inside or out. Imagine that your garden fence will grasp the eyes of your neighbors when they pass by your home. There is one thing need to be mentioned that these work are friendly to your budget. If you love your garden and want to make it more beautiful, just roll up sleeves and give these a try. Let’s get started!

#1 Wooden Fence with Candle Holder Bird Feeder

#2 Garden Fence with Succulent Gardens

#3 Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden

#4 Garden Fence Hanging Flower Baskets

#5 Picture Frames Garden Fence

#6 Ribbon Garden Fence

#7 Garden Fence with DIY Painted Metal Art

#8 Garden Fence with Hanging Rain Boot Planters

#9 Using Old Window and Flower Decorate

#10 Garden Fence with Curtain Lights

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