30 Fabulous DIY Concrete Projects To Spruce Up Garden

Gardening is sometimes inexpensive at all. It’s when you know how to turn old (or available cheap) materials into new functioning ones. With some crafty skills, effort and a little bit of budget, you can proceed these. These handmade products do not only gardening tools or decors but also show your love to your garden. Some are even fun to do with your kids. It’s an enjoyable experience for both of them.


Have you ever made garden work with concrete? This article will help. It shows 30 fabulous DIY concrete projects to spruce up your garden. Concrete bowling ball planter, concrete spheres, concrete birdbath, concrete mushrooms… a lot of good things to do with this great deal. If you want to dress up your lawn and garden with some bags of concrete, these are an excellent choice. These surely offer both garnishing and functioning purposes. Let’s give them a look!

#1 Concrete Cement Garden Planters with Old Tower

#2 DIY Sand Cast Leaf Bird Bath

#3 Mosaic Concrete Mushrooms

#4 Golden Centered Decorative DIY Garden Spheres

#5 DIY Concrete Head Planters

#6 Adorable Concrete Garden Ladybug

#7 Concrete Garden Orbs

#8 Simple DIY Concrete Spheres

#9 Concrete Succulent Planters

#10 DIY Concrete Bowling Ball Planters

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