30 Best Companion Plants Of Peppers

30 Best Companion Plants Of Peppers

#21 Marjoram

Another lower-growing herb that won’t compete for space with peppers, marjoram is said to improve the flavor of vegetables and herbs grown near it, while also providing a tasty culinary herb.

#22 Buckwheat

Growing buckwheat around pepper plants can attract pollinators and other beneficial insects, as well as serve as a green mulch.

#23 Rosemary

Rosemary as a ground cover plant to minimize bare soil and high evaporation rates.

#24 Cucumbers

Cucumbers go well with many peppers.

#25 Eggplant

This plant enjoys the same soil conditions that peppers do, and can add some diversity to garden beds while providing another tasty summer vegetable.

#26 Parsnip

Parsnips aren’t usually one of the vegetable people’s names as their favorite, but growing this root vegetable around peppers can yield another food crop while helping to crowd out weeds and keep the soil shaded.

#27 Peas

Peas are a tasty treat in the spring and summer, and the pea plants help to fix nitrogen in the soil to benefit other plants growing nearby or afterward.

#28 Geraniums

Growing geraniums as companion plants for peppers is said to help repel cabbage worms, Japanese beetles, and other pests, while also providing some colorful blossoms in the garden.

#29 French Marigolds

When grown near other garden crops, French marigolds are claimed to stimulates their growth, while also repelling beetles, nematodes, aphids, potato bugs, and squash bugs.

#30 Petunias

In addition to providing a splash of color in the garden, petunias can be a great companion plant for peppers due to their ability to repel asparagus beetles, leafhoppers, tomato worms, and aphids.

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