30 Best Companion Plants Of Peppers

30 Best Companion Plants Of Peppers

#11 Beets

Growing beets near peppers is another method of filling in empty space in the garden and shading out weeds while helping to keep the soil moist.

#12 Corn

Due to its tall growth habit, corn can serve as a windbreak or cast shade on pepper plants during parts of the day. Corn is also said to also act as a trap crop for aphids, which may keep them off the pepper plants.

#13 Beans

Besides fixing nitrogen in the soil and helping to feed other garden plants, beans can provide other benefits for pepper plants, including crowding out weeds and helping to block the winds or cast partial shade.

#14 Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes near peppers help to shade the soil and can offer the peppers some protection from the sun in the hottest parts of the day.

#15 Asparagus

Although asparagus is a perennial, and can’t be planted for an instant crop in one season, pepper plants can be grown in the asparagus patch to optimize the use of that space during the summer, after the spring asparagus is picked and eaten.

#16 Garlic

Growing garlic as a companion plant with peppers can help repel or deter aphids and certain beetles from taking over the peppers. Planting garlic around peppers, or peppers among garlic, is another way of maximizing garden space for better yields.

#17 Squash

Both summer and winter squash can be grown near peppers, where their large leaves can help keep the sun off the bare soil and keep weeds down.

#18 Oregano

Due to its shorter stature, oregano grows well around peppers without competing for space, covers bare soil, and is a great complement to many dishes that also include peppers.

#19 Dill

Dill is said to attract beneficial insects and to help repel pests such as aphids and may improve the flavors of vegetables grown nearby. Planting dill around peppers is a great use of space.

#20 Parsley

Growing parsley around pepper plants not only helps you get a second edible from almost the same amount of space but also serves to provide some shade and cover for bare soil.

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