30 Best Companion Plants Of Peppers

30 Best Companion Plants Of Peppers

Peppers are one of the indispensable ingredients of daily meals. So they are grown popular year-round. All the variety of peppers are easy to grow and care. Best of all, they have a great point that maybe you don’t know. It is companion plants, they grow well with each other and easily give you a high yield that any gardener wants. A wide range of their good friends are carrots, basil, lettuce, spinach…and more, let’s check them here!

30 Best Companion Plants Of Peppers
Growing companion plants in the same garden that will bring a lot of great purposes. For example, you can maximize garden space, attract beneficial insects and pollinators, lure insect pests away from other food crops, provide shade or a wind barrier to other plants, cover the surface of the soil with edible plants to crowd out weeds, or even help boost the growth, flavor, or yields of food crops.

#1 Basil

Basil is great on placing next to and around pepper plants. It’s claimed that growing basil next to peppers boosts their flavor, and may help to repel some common garden pests, such as aphids, spider mites, thrips, mosquitoes, and flies.

#2 Chives

Growing chives near peppers can help to deter aphids and other insects and is said to improve the flavor and yields of plants nearby.

#3 Carrots

Growing carrots around peppers can help to shade out some of the weeds, providing a living mulch, and are a great way to maximize space in the garden.

#4 Onions

Onions deter many common insect pests in the garden, such as aphids, slugs, and cabbage worms, making them a good companion plant for peppers.

#5 Chard

Swiss chard is another incredibly useful plant in the garden, and interplanting it with peppers can offer partial shade and protection from winds, while also crowding out weeds.

#6 Lettuce

Growing lettuce as a companion planting to peppers is a great way to get an additional harvest in a small space, due to their lower growth habit, while also crowding out weeds.

#7 Spinach

Spinach can be a compliment to peppers in the garden, for many of the same reasons that both lettuce and chard are, and because of their shorter stature, will not shade out peppers and other taller plants.

#8 Okra

Growing okra near peppers can offer wind protection and partial shade for the peppers in the heat of summer and may offer some protection from pests such as aphids.

#9 Leeks

Leeks can be a good companion plant for peppers. They don’t take up a lot of room, so growing leeks can help to fill in empty spots in the garden, and they are also thought to repel some insects, such carrot flies.

#10 Radishes

Radishes are not only easy to grow but are also one of the quickest (just from about 3 to 4 weeks from seed). Growing radishes around peppers allow you to get a fairly quick food crop in a small amount of space.

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