25 Easy DIY Vertical Gardens To Proceed At Any Time

Vertical gardens are always loved by gardeners and garden owners. Why? These gardens save them a lot of space. Definitely. But the point here is you can still plant a variety of plants in here, ranging from herbs to flowers to vegetables. The other is that these vertical gardens are easy and affordable, so you can add them to DIY projects. If you build them a little more cleverly, they will be charming greenery decor for your home.


In this post, we’re glad to share 25 easy DIY vertical gardens to proceed at any time. If you are looking for easy and space-saving garden projects, these are right up your street. These thrive both indoors and out. It depends on which plants you grow and how you maintain them. I always build an indoor vertical herb garden. It enables me to harvest all year long and also help me repel flies and mosquitoes in my home. Some even offer medicinal properties. Ready to build a vertical garden of your own?

#1 DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

#2 DIY Trellis Vertical Garden

#3 DIY Vertical Garden Landscape

#4 Wood Lattice Vertical Garden

#5 Painted Vertical Pallet Garden

#6 Terracotta Pot Vertical Garden Wall

#7 Living Wall Vertical Pallet Garden

#8 Floating Shelves Vertical Garden

#9 DIY Ladder Vertical Garden

#10 Tall Vertical Garden

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