25 Amazing Uses Of Wood Ash In The Garden And Beyond

21. Wood Ash Toothpaste

To brush your teeth with this stuff, you should choose ash from a soft tree, like pine. You may find commercial toothpaste made with bamboo ash. It works well.

22. Powder Your Pets

Like what works with wood ash chicken bath, rubbing ashes into your dog or cat’s coat can kill fleas as well as deodorize their fur.

23. Dry Shampoo

Wood ash has been used as a dry shampoo long before the days of lather, rinse, repeat. Amazing? Here is how to wash your hair with dry wood ash shampoo: Take a small amount, a pinch or two of powdery ash and apply it to your part. Work the ash into your scalp and roots as you would a normal shampoo. I find it helps if you give your hair a good scruffle. Wait a few minutes for the wood ash to absorb the excess oil then flip your head down and fluff your hair again to shake out any excess. Finish by brushing your hair out.

24. Save Your Fiber Stash

Pat your yarn or roving down with some ash if you plan on storing it for some time before using it. When you are ready to knit or spin, simply brush it or shake it off.

25. Sop Up Oil Spills in the Garage

To sop up oil spills in the garage, you can spread a layer of wood ash to soak up your oil spills. Then sweep it up and dispose of it properly.

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