25 Amazing Uses Of Wood Ash In The Garden And Beyond

11. Crystal Clear Wine

The charcoal from your wood ash can serve as a filter for cloudy wine. Simply put a sterilized funnel fitted with a coffee filter in an empty sterilized carboy and top it off with a handful of charcoal pieces. Rack your wine into the new carboy over the charcoal. Write it down right!

12. Fire Extinguisher

Wood ash makes an inexpensive fire extinguisher. It can smother flames and deprive them of oxygen.

13. Put the Kibosh on Pond Algae

It’s great to feed your aquatic plants with potassium-rich wood ash. In turn, they will thrive, leaving the algae without the nutrients it needs to survive.

14. Protect Wool and Other Fine Fabrics

You can use wood ash to protect clothes and blankets from moth damage. How? Simply give them a little dusting of fine wood ash before putting them into storage for the season.

15. Keep Bears Out of Your Compost

Ashley from Practical Self Reliance says that dusting your compost pile with wood ash keeps the bears from mistaking it for an all you can eat buffet.

16. Wound Care

Wood ash has been used to treat wounds for centuries. It’s thought to have antibacterial properties and to speed clotting.

17. Natural Charcoal Briquettes

Speaking of blacksmithing if you want to sift your wood ash you will be rewarded with charcoal that can be used in a coal forge or to fire up the grill for some hamburgers.

18. A Brita for Your Bunnies and Birds

By digging out a chunk or two of the charcoal from your wood ash and tossing it in your rabbit water bottles or your poultry waterer, you can keep algae from growing as well as other nasties.

19. Boost Your Hen’s Laying Power

Mix in the wood ash with your chicken feed at a 1% ratio. This will give your chickens a better lay rates and longer laying periods. It also helps reduce the smell of their, ahem, exhaust.

20. Grill Cleaner

Use wood ash to clean your grill can save the day and make clean up easier. All you need to do is to mix up a thick paste using ash and water and apply liberally to your grates and the inside of the grill. The mixture makes a kind of natural soap.

Let them sit for a few minutes and then give them a good scrubbing. Rinse well with water. You should use gloves for this chore; the natural soap can be pretty drying.

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