25 Amazing Uses Of Wood Ash In The Garden And Beyond

Did you know that the wood ash can help with your gardening work? Correct acidic soil, boost your compost, stop snails and slugs in their slimy tracks, or kill critters like mites, fleas, and lice that chickens hate. This wood waste does an excellent job. Why? It contained enriched the same minerals that a tree does – calcium, potassium, magnesium, and other trace minerals.


So, our post today is about 25 amazing uses of wood ash in the garden. If you are looking for cheap yet effective gardening tools around your homestead, these are right up your street. But you should keep in mind that only burning clean wood can be used for garden work. Not chemically treated wood such as pressure treated, stained, or painted wood. And, be sure that your wood ash is completely cool before using it around your home. Wear gloves when working with wood ash, too. Ready to know their uses? Here we go!

1. Correct Acidic Soil

Wood ash is an excellent soil amendment for overly acidic soil. It helps balance the pH of acidic soil. You should do this before planting when you can till it directly into the soil. If you apply your wood ash to soil with young plants already growing, you should rinse them down afterward. Otherwise, the ash can burn the tender leaves.

2. Boost Your Compost

Throw some wood ash into your compost pile can boost the nutrient-dense microbial environment that’s cooking in your compost.

3. Stop Snails and Slugs in their Slimy Tracks

Snails and slugs are enemies of your garden. These little creeps can wreak havoc on a garden. You can stop them in their tracks by making a circle of ash around plants susceptible to snails and slugs.

4. Bust Blossom End Rot

To stop tomato blossom end rot, you may toss a small handful of wood ash into the hole before plunking your plant in the dirt. This gives your plants an extra dose of calcium. This tomato fertilizer also works with squash, cucumbers, and peppers.

5. Save Crops from Frost Damage

When the temperatures start to dip in the fall, the frost threats every gardener. How to keep your plants strong against it? Dust them with some powdery wood ash to prevent frost damage.

6. Dust-Bathing Birds

Did you know that chickens dust bathe can control pests? Add ashes to their dust bath helps to kill critters like mites, fleas, and lice in much the same way that diatomaceous earth works.

7. Repel Mice and Other Household Pests

Looking for all-natural pest control to drives mice, rats, cockroaches, and other common household pests away? Use wood ash. Sprinkle it in the corners of your attic, garage, basement, and pantry.

8. Use as a Desiccant

Thanks to its similarities to baking soda, wood ash makes a good desiccant. All you need to do is to place tin cans filled with wood ash in those dank, musty corners around your home and garage to pull moisture out of the air.

9. Save Seeds for Next Year

It’s great to add ashes to containers that you are storing seeds. This method can cut down moisture and protect your seeds.

10. Deodorize Your Chicken Coop

Simply put a good thick layer of wood ash, complete with charcoal chunks, down in the chicken coop before adding whatever litter you use on top to keep your chicken coop fresh. This helps reduce the stench.

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