20 Great Ideas To Grow Potatoes In Tiny Spaces

20 Great Ideas To Grow Potatoes In Tiny Spaces

Potatoes are stable food that can be turned many delicious dishes on daily meals, of course, they aren’t indispensable in every family. If you are love eating potatoes or just want to vary your meal more diverse, potatoes are great companions. So, instead of buying them outside, why you don’t grow this tuber in the garden to serve anytime. Potatoes are easy to grow that everyone can grow.
20 Great Ideas To Grow Potatoes In Tiny Spaces
You love growing potatoes, but you don’t have enough space to grow them. Don’t worry, in the post today, we want to share 20 great ideas to grow potatoes in tiny spaces that you will love. Because when you grow them in traditional rows, they do take up an awful lot of space, and it is not ideals solution for everyone, especially those who don’t own large zone. However, these ideas are interesting ways to start your own potatoes garden. Growing them according to these ways, you not only take advantage to maximize free space but also can have a high yield. Try them now!

#1 Gallon Buckets

#2 Bags

#3 Old Compost Sacks

#4 Old Clothes or Other Reclaimed Fabric

#5 Coffee Sack Grow Bags

#6 Cardboard Boxes

#7 Laundry Baskets

#8 Wattle Fence ‘Basket”

#9 Wire/ Mesh Potato Towers

#10 Wood Towers

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