20 Fabulous DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

Easy to find at a reasonable price, wooden pallets make a great material to build structures around your homestead. From vertical pallet gardens to pallet coffee table with glass top, you have many enjoyable DIY projects to proceed. With some skills and a bit of time, you can make these. They’re functioning, and of course, save you a lot of money. Who does not love using projects made by themselves?


We’ve rounded 20 fabulous DIY pallet furniture ideas for you to consider. If you are seeking something easy and functioning to make with wooden pallets, these are right up your street. I made a garden swing with pallets 2 years ago and it still works well now. My kids love playing and taking a nap in here. Sometimes, we even sleep overnight here. And you, ready to add them to DIY project?

#1 DIY Wood Pallet Table

#2 Pallet Planter Box

#3 Easy Pallet Rolling Outdoor Table

#4 Modern Pallet Coffee Table with Glass Top

#5 Pallet Vertical Garden

#6 Cozy Pallet Sofa with Built-in Storage Space

#7 DIY Pallet Tree Swing

#8 Pallet Reading Nook

#9 Pallet Kitchen Island

#10 Pallet Floating Shelving System

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