20 Amazing Uses Of Lemon Balm In The Kitchen And Beyond

#11 Lemon Balm Granita

Similar to sorbet, this icy treat is made from water, honey, fresh lemon balm, and lemon, and lime zest. Once mostly frozen, fluff it up with a fork and serve.

#12 Lemon Balm Cookies

Minced lemon balm leaves gives the average sweet cookie a little bite. love it?

#13 Lemon Balm Salsa Verde

Lemon Balm Salsa Verde is made with lemon balm, basil leaves, chives, mint, lemon zest, sumac, and grated garlic, mixed with olive oil and black pepper to taste. It pairs perfectly with anything and everything – as a dip, condiment, meat topper, and salad dressing.

#14 Seared Lemon Balm Chicken

I just love this chicken recipe with lemon balm!

#15 Repel Mosquitos and Other Bugs

Lemon balm, citronella, peppermint, lavender, basil, catnip, and thyme can repel mosquitoes and other bugs in your garden. Then mix it up with some beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils for a spreadable salve that is actually good for your skin.

#16 Lemon Balm Potpourri

Bring Lemon Balm Potpourri home is a wonderful way to naturally scent your home. This clean and crisp herbal assortment includes lemon balm, lemon verbena, thyme, bay leaves, orange peel, mint leaves, as well as lemon, neroli, and mint essential oils.

#17 Lemon Balm – Peach Popsicles

These delicious and flavorful popsicles are made with fresh peaches, Greek yogurt, milk, sugar, and lemon balm. This recipe can definitely go with small plastic cups and thick wooden skewers. You can also use proper popsicle molds, if preferred.

#18 Fruity Lemon Balm Shrub

Drinking shrubs are concentrated syrups made from fruit, sugar, and vinegar. Peach, oranges, apples, and berries go perfectly with this recipe. It’s still hot out, let’s make this fruity and refreshing drink for family meals and gatherings.

#19 Lemon Balm Cashew Pesto 

Lemon balm leaves make an exciting substitute for basil and cashews in pesto recipes. Spread it over pasta, pizza, sandwiches, and steamed veggies for a jolt of lemony zest.

#20 Lemon Balm Hair Rinse

Thanks to astringent qualities, lemon balm leaves can be used as a hair rinse and scalp clarifier.

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