19 Stunning DIY Hanging Decor Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

19 Stunning DIY Hanging Decor Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

#11 Copper and Silver Handcrafted Hanging Bells

This unique set of hanging bells is a beautiful tinkling addition to any garden. Much like any wind chime, they really bring a beautiful sound to the garden when the wind blows. Hang from any tree, porch, or hook for beauty and music.

#12 Hanging Light Bulb Planters

Grab some plastic light bulb shaped decor and fill with water and fresh sprigs of plants then hang using twine or ribbon. This idea is super cute and ideal for party decoration, or showcase your favorite blooms each day.

#13 Hanging Succulent Garden

This small hanging succulent garden is perfect to hang them in your garden, sunroom, or porch! This is such a fun creation and a great way.

#14 Whimsical Rhinestone Sun Catcher Outdoor Tree Decoration

These strings of shining rhinestones are a perfect addition to any tree in your garden or lawn. They are colorful and catch the sun to create a sparkle any day of the year.

#15 Vertical Garden Wall Planter

This is both a stationary planter and a hanging planter box solution to small space gardening. You can customize the individual planters to hang where you want them and in sizes you prefer.

#16 Stained Glass Feather Hanging Garden Decoration

Stained glass is always a fun addition to any home or garden. A bohemian style garden decoration, this is perfect for any non-traditional garden.

#17 Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

Turn gutters into planters, then build a simple wooden stand to hang them from! Perfect for herbs or small flowers.

#18 Hanging Resin Gnome

Gnomes are a classic garden decoration. Hanging from a little resin shaped hammock, these are a cute little addition to any tree in your lawn and garden.

#19 Hanging Bucket Herb Garden

Small galvanized buckets filled with dirt and plants are the ideal way to grow your favorite herbs. Add chains and hang them from hooks to hang them.

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