18 Beneficial Weeds In Garden

18 Beneficial Weeds In Garden

#11 Red Clover

Red clover lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and even helps stave off the effects of menopause for women.

#12 Stinging Nettle

This is an evergreen weed with somewhat of a reputation in alternative medicine circles. Stinging nettle is good against urination issues and hay fever.

#13 Wild Garlic

This weed stands out because of its impressive white flowers and delicate shoots. It can serve as an alternative to onions in many delicious dishes. Wild garlic also has antiseptic and antifungal properties.

#14 Wood Sorrel

This Wood Sorrel is distinguishable by its yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves. Its flowers, leaves, and seedpods are handy if you are looking to cleanse your blood or get relief from disorders of the urinary tract.

#15 Amaranthus

This is wild amaranth, it is an annual weed that blossoms in the summer. Its leaves and seeds come packed with vitamins and minerals that aid growth and development.

#16 Field Pennycress

This weed holds soil firmly together, preventing erosion, leaching of minerals, or even infestation of important plants by other weeds that tend to choke them.

#17 Mugwort

The plant is friendly to the environment, keeping the soil structure around it intact. Its extracts also help in digestive problems.

#18 Kang Kong

Kang Kong is a very common and popular vegetable. It tastes best in salads and you can also stir fry it. This weed is a rich source of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, manganese, iron, copper, vitamins C and K, and zinc.

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