17 Best Hog Wire Fence Ideas

Hog wire makes a great material to create garden, backyard, balcony, and terrace, fence. So what is it? The hog wire fence means that some pieces of wire are arranged together in crossing and the woods are only used as the frame. The wood may be wooden pallet, square wood piece or bamboo. It depends on where you build the hog wire fence for, and your budget (if it makes a concern).


So, here are 17 best hog fence ideas we would like to share today. If you want to build fence for your garden or terrace, let these help. Some of them are easy enough to add to DIY project. Believe us! These fence ideas bring something of rustic and simple, so you might consider these before proceeding. It’s worth mentioning that some require a bit more time and budget, you also should think of it. Let’s check them out!

#1 Hog Wire Fence on the Terrace and Balcony

#2 Hog Wire Fence for Backyard Garden

#3 Simple Small-Square Hog Wire Fence

#4 All-Wood Hog Fence

#5 Hog Wire Fence with Bamboo

#6 Hog Wire Fence around the Garden

#7 Varnished Hog Wire Fence for the Front Yard

#8 Metal Hog Fence for the Elegant Look

#9 Round-Looking Fence from the Hog Wire

#10 Hog Wire Fence in Stairs

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