17 Best Beautiful Landscaping Plants That Can Be Eaten

17 Best Beautiful Landscaping Plants That Can Be Eaten

#11 Pawpaw

Pawpaw fruit has flesh that tastes something like a cross between mango and banana.

#12 Elderberries

Elderberries make a great addition to fruit jellies and preserves. Age-old country tonic of elderberry wine can be a fun way to use up some of this prolifically fruiting crop. The flowers are edible too – and can be made into tasty fritters, infused sugars, or refreshing cordials.

#13 Passionfruit

The plant not only bloom beautiful flowers but also its fruit can be edible and drinks.

#14 Sunflowers

Sunflowers seem to be one of those plants that everybody loves to grow. Harvest the seeds, hull them, and toast them for your salads.

#15 Rhubarb

Besides the incredible flavor, rhubarb plants offer another stunningly architectural point of interest in the garden.

#16 Pansies

Like the nasturtium, the pansy can make a great and tasty addition to a salad, or colorful and edible cake decoration.

#17 Asparagus

These asparagus plants could beat any ornamental fern in a stately home garden. And the young spears, when harvested directly from the garden and cooked within hours, are a delicacy that’s infinitely superior to store-bought asparagus.

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