15 Seeds Grow Fast And Supply In Short of Time

#11 Chard

Chard is yet another crop that will come again when you cut it. While chard still won’t be very big a month from sowing, the tiny leaves can still be harvested in small quantities early in its growth. Of course, the plants will then continue to grow on to provide an abundance of greens and stems over the coming months.

#12 Beet Greens

The baby beets won’t be ready for harvest for another couple of months. But you can also sow beets to harvest for their leaves much sooner.

#13 Radishes

You can harvest little radishes of certain varieties in as few as four to 6 weeks.

#14 Turnips

While larger turnips will obviously take much longer to grow, some fast-growing and smaller varietals can be ready for harvest while very small in as few as four-six weeks. You can also harvest the leaves, these can be used just as you would use the leaves of other brassicas.

#15 Green Onions

You can also plant some onion sets (immature onion/ scallion bulbs) now for a quick supply of green onions. Simply chop off the tops as you need them, and these should continue to regrow.

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