15 Common Mistakes When Growing Tomato

15 Common Mistakes When Growing Tomato

Tomatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow as well as give a bountiful harvest easily. However, not everyone has enough experience to grow this plant in the right ways. In the post today, we are want to share 15 common mistakes when growing tomato that you should avoid increasing about the size, taste, and yield of your tomatoes.

15 Common Mistakes When Growing Tomato

Whether you are growing tomatoes for the first, or in a long time, you will easily have some trouble with your tomatoes. Don’t worry, they are here and for you! When you are able to avoid these common tomato growing mistakes, you’ll have more tomatoes than you know what to do with! There is nothing better than growing tomatoes by yourself and supplying natural tomatoes in daily meals, right. Check them out.

#1 Not Choosing the Right Variety

The first tomato growing mistake starts before you even get your plants in the ground, it is picking the wrong varieties. You should think carefully about your preferences, climate, soil, and growing conditions before you purchase tomato seeds or plants.

#2 Starting Tomatoes from Seed

When you start tomatoes from seed, you need to make sure you create the optimal conditions for seed germination. Most tomatoes need minimum temperatures of around 40 degrees to germinate but the best conditions are when soil temperatures hover between 60 and 85 degrees. That’s why most people start tomato plants indoors, instead of outside.

#3 Failing to Harden Them Off

Hardening off your plants is critical. You need to make sure you give your plants the time they need to develop the defenses necessary for outdoor living.

#4 Planting Too Soon

You not only need to avoid planting tomatoes too late but also need to avoid planting them too soon. It can be tempting to plant as soon as you experience that first warm, sunny day, however, this is not good for your plant. Let wait to transplant until the final danger of frost has passed, even if it seems as though that day is taking forever to arrive.

#5 Growing in the Wrong Spot

If you grow in containers, you needs containers that are large enough to accommodate your full-grown plants (and not just your plants when they are in their juvenile stages).

#6 Not Pruning or Supporting Your Plants

Tomatoes require some support in order to grow healthy, productive amounts of fruit. You will need to stake or cage them to give them some structure as they become bushier and weighed down with those juicy tomatoes! Pruning can also improve the health of your plants. This should be done periodically and regularly throughout the growing season.

#7 Watering Incorrectly

You need to make sure they get enough but not too much. To avoid problems related to over- or under-watering, water first thing in the morning and water at the base of the plants. Try not to get any water on the fruits or foliage.

#8 Failing to Mulch

Adding mulch can improve your yields and help you get the best possible results when it comes to growing tomatoes. Most mulches act as slow-release fertilizers, helping to add nutrients to the soil gradually while also building soil and retaining moisture. They can suppress weeds and prevent erosion, too.

#9 Ignoring Nutrient Needs

Make sure you fertilize your tomato plants! Tomatoes are heavy feeders and will need some supplemental fertilizer during the growing period, especially when they are fruiting and flowering.

#10 Neglecting Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are delicious, but the reality is that most people would prefer to have ripe tomatoes on the dinner table instead.

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