15 Best Basil Varieties To Bring To Your Garden

It’s always great to grow some basils in your garden. You may even build a small basil garden in containers if your garden does not have enough room for them. This mini basil garden is great to place indoor or out. Just give them proper care (water and light), and they will thrive in their home. So good, right? Your homegrown herbs are not only helpful for your daily cooking but also add more shade to your garden. Some even offer medicinal uses and repel flies and mosquitoes around your home.


So our post today lets you know 15 best basil varieties to bring to your garden. Of course, they’re commonly added to daily foods. Many dishes would be incomplete without having them. If you want to start a herb garden, you should never skip these. You may plant one single variety in a single place or some in the same bed. It depends. I prefer the latter as it saves me a lot of space and my herb garden is more eye-catching. Let’s check them out!

#1 Cinnamon Basil

As the name suggests, Cinnamon basil bears a strong scent and mild taste of cinnamon. Their leaves are fantastic for baking, adding to hot drinks and tossing through fresh fruit salad.

#2 Genovese Basil

Do you know that Genovese Basil is a symbol of augur love in Italy? When a woman keeps a pot of Genovese on her front windowsill, it is a sign she is ready for a suitor. Their leaves are commonly used to make pesto.

#3 Aromatto Basil

Basil Aromatto is a predominantly purple plant with a splash of green. Its leaves produce a unique spicy flavor, making them a perfect addition to salsas and other Mexican dishes.

#4 Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy Basil is also known as Tulsi. This herb variety is worshiped in the morning and again in the evening by many Hindus. It has also been used for many thousands of years in healing. Their leaves can help in reducing stress, and treating respiratory ailments, fevers, colds and skin conditions.

#5 Persian Basil

Persian basil is famous for its spicy flavor, with hints of lemon and anise. It’s often used in sandwiches, salads and with fish or cheeses.

#6 Boxwood Basil

‘Boxwood’ is known for its small leaves that keep a perfect, shrub-like form even in the heat of summer – just like a boxwood plant. When mature, it can grow up to 12 inches tall, with a 12- to 16-inch spread.

#7 Mammoth Basil

Mammoth basil can reach up to approximately 12 to 18 inches tall when mature. Its large, lettuce-like leaves are best used in salads but can also be used for making pesto.

#8 New Guinea Basil

New Guinea basil is valued for its mint flavor complemented by a licorice aroma. Its purple leaves are also a beautiful addition to any garden and it will work in any recipe calling for basil. They’re often added to fruit salads.

#9 Osmin Purple Basil

Osmin Purple basil makes a great addition to fruit salads with its sweet, fruity smell and flavor. But it’s best served in desserts and baking. It may also spruce up your garden with its lovely in the garden with deep purple leaves and flowers ranging in color from deep purple to light lavender.

#10 Lemon Basil

Lemon basil is one of the most popular varieties. It’s most commonly grown in northern parts of Africa and South Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, and Laos). There are a few hybrids of lemon basil for you to choose from. All produce a zesty lemon scent, some subtle, others more intense.

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