14 Potato Growing Tips To Have A Bountiful Harvest

14 Potato Growing Tips To Have A Bountiful Harvest

#11 Choose the Perfect Potato Companion Plants

One important step you can take to significantly improve your potato harvest is companion planting. Companion plants for potatoes include a range of other vegetables, flowers, and herbs.

#12 Repel Harmful Pests and Attract Beneficial Wildlife

In addition to companion planting, one of the top ways to ensure pests don’t destroy your crop is to keep your eyes peeled for pests, such as the Colorado potato beetle, and remove offenders by hand when you spot them. Besides, to significantly improve your potato harvest, you should also attract beneficial wildlife (that eats slugs, mice and voles …) to your garden.

#13 Be Vigilant for Disease

Watering enough but not too much, and good airflow are particularly important for your potatoes. It is also vitally important to rotate your potato crop. You should also avoid growing potatoes near tomatoes, or other plants susceptible to the same diseases.

#14 Pick The Perfect Moment to Harvest Your Cro

You should pick the perfect moment to harvest your crop to get the best results. With maincrop potatoes for storage, you will usually wait until the foliage turns yellow and then cut back the foliage. After ten days or so, you will then unearth the tubers, and leave them for a few hours before storing them.

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