13 Grow-Like-Weed Succulents You Will Love To Know

Looking for unique succulents to grow at home? This post is right up your street. It shares 15 grow-like-weed succulents that you will love to know. They look like weed but are not weed. Many people mistake these succulents when seeing them for the first time. They’re clearly much prettier. Giving them a look so that you can treat your plants in the right way.


As succulents are low-maintenance plants, why don’t you bring them home? A little water can do the trick. And you can place them at any room in your home. So lazy and busy gardeners can add these succulent to the to-grow plant list. Some of them even look pretty on hanging baskets. They would be charming decorations for your home. Let’s check them out!

1. Chandelier Plant

Chandelier Plant is also known as ‘Mother of Millions,’. It’s such a fast-growing plant that can be multiplied easily, even when you don’t want.

Be sure that this plant is mild to moderately toxic to pets if ingested.

2. Agave

This succulent is also called as Agave americana, Agave sisalana, or Agave angustifolia. It’s very popular but considered invasive in their natural places, having a dense growth habit. These plants form a cluster of thickets that are almost impregnable. Grow them in containers or directly in an empty garden spot if you get interested.

3. Opuntia

Some of these beautiful cactus plants like opuntia miller and opuntia gomei are considered invasive in a dry climate. They’re easy to propagate from pads and survive in difficult conditions. Grow them in large pots or your succulent garden!

4. Pink Mother of Millions

Pink Mother of Millions is an attractive and unusual specimen. It’s known for its mix of bright pink and green. Like other grow-like-weed succulents, it grows quite relentlessly on land but you can enjoy its beauty by growing it easily in pots.

5. Sedum

Sedum is not actually invasive, but ground cover sedums are very aggressive growers. You may add some some gorgeous enthusiastic cultivars to your garden like Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina,’ Sedum sieboldii, & Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood,’.

6. Ice Plant

Ice Plant produces lovely purple flowers that add a splash of color to the dry areas of your garden. This beautiful drought-tolerant succulent looks great in containers too!

7. Donkey Ear Plant

This rapid-growing succulent forms its own roots, and produces new baby plants through its leaves like mother of millions.

8. Devil’s Backbone

You can call this succulent Christmas candle or Zigzag plant. It’s an invasive succulent is loved by houseplant growers because it’s really easy to grow and doesn’t mind low light, dry air, and infrequent watering.

Keep in mind that like all euphorbias, its sap is toxic.

9. Carrion Flower

This succulent looks a lot like cactus, right? It shows remarkable growth, especially when grown in an arid garden. Its blooms smell like rotting meat!

10. Ghost Plant

Ghost Plant is hard to kill. It thrives almost every weather and the new growth keeps coming from the center of rosettes. Choose this succulent if you have just started your succulent garden.

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