12 Vegetables Can Grow In Window Box

12 Vegetables Can Grow In Window Box

It is so awesome if you could grab a handful of your favorite veggies right from the window, right? Growing them right at the window is an excellent option for you if you live in an urban apartment, condo, or flat. This way, whether you lack space, it is not a problem here! You can grow your own organic food and harvest fresh vegetables at your home. And before starting your gardening with these ways, let check out some of our recommendations today to make your window have beautiful landscapes and fresh veggies for the whole family as well.

12 Vegetables Can Grow In Window Box

These veggies are easy to grow, and take care of. They can grow well even when they don’t get enough full of sunlight. They provide more harvest and take less space. Herbs, determinate tomatoes, dwarf pepper varieties, beets, peas, greens, and some root vegetables are best. Here we go!

#1 Lettuce

With its shallow roots and quick growing nature, lettuce makes for a top contender for window boxes.

#2 Spinach

A small box is all you need to grow spinach right by the kitchen window or in a balcony. It is one of the best window box vegetables!

#3 Bush Beans

Bush beans can be a great addition to your window box and grow best in the balcony, patio, and terrace in pots. Their ease of growing nature makes them perfect for a beginner.

#4 Radish

When it comes to fast-growing vegetables, radish tops the list.

#5 Green Onions

Green onions can grow in partial shade easily, which makes them a perfect edible for your indoor kitchen window sill.

#6 Carrots

Sweet and crunchy carrots are loaded with antioxidants and essential nutrients. Nantes and Danvers are some of the best varieties to grow in window boxes.

#7 Garlic

Garlic greens and cloves both can be grown in pots, even indoors as well.

#8 Cherry Tomatoes

While you can grow many determinate tomato varieties, cherry tomatoes are best for this purpose.

#9 Pepper

You can grow both the sweet and dwarf hot peppers because they won’t grow big and sprawl to overcrowd your window boxes.

#10 Salad Greens

Salad Greens are one of the easiest to grow anywhere, of course in your window box is absolutely possible.

#11 Herbs

The selection of herbs depends on what you want. Basil, thyme, cilantro, rosemary, oregano, parsley, mints, chamomile, and sage are some of the options. All grow well in your limited space like a window box.

#12 Asian Greens

Asian greens like bok choy, mizuna, and tatsoi are easy to grow and perfect for window boxes. In addition, they don’t need full of sunlight to grow.