11 Toxic Indoor Plants To Keep Out Of The Reach Of Your Kids And Pets

It’s always great to grow some plants inside your home. They bring more shade to your garden (or home), making it more charming. They can also purify the air around you, creating a healthy living condition. Some are even said to bring luck and wealth to your family when placed in the right position. You may search for Fengshui or Vastu plants to know more. Some of these indoor plants also produce beautiful flowers. But the point here is not all houseplants are safe to enjoy. Some of their parts may cause unwanted symptoms when touched or digested.


This post is then written. It shares 11 toxic indoor plants to keep out of the rich of the kids and pets. If you looking for plants to bring to your home, you should consider this. It’s not to grow these houseplants in your home. Instead, you should keep your eyes on them. Keep them in places that your kids or pets can’t reach. Let’s give them a look!

#1 Oleander

Even though oleander produces fragrant beauties, it can jeopardize your kids and pets. Oleander’s smooth latex can disturb your skin, so you should never take care of this plant without gloves. Also, this houseplant contains glycosides, a compound which causes side effects, including shallow breathing, oral bothering, retching, sporadic pulse, congested bodily fluid films, sweating, the runs, overabundance salivation, sickness, incoordination and it can likewise be deadly for you.

And don’t forget to keep them away from fire plant contacts fire, since its smoke is poisonous.

#2 Crown-of-Thorns

Crown-of-Thorns contains a harmful compound, diterpene esters which might be unsafe for you and it might cause mouth aggravation or stomach disturbance took after by further indications like stomachache, regurgitating, overabundance salivation, looseness of the bowels or cause swollen eyes or mouth.

#3 Asparagus Fern

This greenery is said to be the pet’s most exceedingly terrible adversary. Both its leaves and berries are harmful. They contain sapogenin, a dangerous compound that may cause spewing, stomach torment, and looseness of the bowels if your pet swallows a few. So, be sure to keep it away from your pets.

#4 Philodendrons

This plant might not seriously affect people. But if your pets eat a few of it, they can experience the ill effects including swollen tongue, breathing issues, expanded salivation, shakings, spewing, trouble gulping sustenance and diminished sharpness. The reason is that this houseplant contains insoluble precious stones of calcium oxalate.

If you expose to the plant’s sap, it may cause aggravation, swollen tongue and lips and additionally feel a smoldering sensation in the skin.

#5 Caladium

If ingested, caladium may cause over the top dribbling, disturbance of the lips, mouth and tongue, trouble gulping, a rough voice, looseness of the bowels and retching.

#6 Elephant Ear

Keep in mind that you keep Elephant Ear away from your kids and pets. Their stems and leaves are harmful. It’s because they contain the nearness of dangerous components, for example, asparagine and oxalic corrosive. If ingested, it may bring about swollen mouth, throat or eyes and in addition sickness, regurgitating and looseness of the bowels.

#7 Arrowhead Plant

Oxalate precious stones found in the sap of this plant is a dangerous component. So make sure that you wear gloves when taking care of this plant, or it may cause swollen mouth, throat and stomach and in addition bothered skin, if you reach its sap.

If your pets ingest it, it may bring about regurgitating, pawing at the mouth, intemperate dribbling, swollen mouth and trouble gulping.

#8 Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane

Asparagine and needle-formed calcium oxalate gems found in the cells of this plant are dangerous mixes. If ingested, it might bring about oral aggravation, trouble breathing and gulping, swelling, serious desensitizing and intemperate dribbling. Just keep this plant out of the reach of your pets and children.

#9 Peace Lily or Mauna Loa Plant

Peace Lily, also known as Mauna Loa Plant, contains alkaloid lycorine, perilous for both people and pets. If ingested, it may cause the accompanying manifestations: trouble gulping, swollen lips, tongue and mouth and additionally spewing, sickness and the runs. Make sure to keep this indoor plant far from your kids and pets.

#10 Golden Pothos or Devil’s Ivy

This plant also contains near dangerous components. Insoluble calcium oxalates found in it might bring about the absence of craving, spewing, dribbling, frothing and additionally swollen lips or tongue, if ingested.

#11 Daffodils

Daffodils produce beautiful flowers that are a great addition to your home. Nonetheless, its knobs can be harmful to people and also pets. If devoured, it might bring about genuine stomach issues, unpredictable pulse, hypertension and in the most exceedingly awful situations, even demise.