10 Easy Ways To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

It’s great to sip a cup of coffee in the morning and see deer playing and eating near your garden. Such a peaceful day. But imagine how you would respond when coming out to your garden, seeing some deer here, and finding green nubs where their healthy plants used to be? It’s enough to make you want to get a hunting license and make room in the freezer. Or you don’t know what to do when looking at their innocent eyes.10-Easy-Ways-To-Keep-Deer-Out-Of-Your-Garden-ft1

To avoid this, you should have your own tactics. And this post comes to help. It shares 10 easy ways to keep deer out of your garden. Proceeding these DIY projects are the perfect way to protect your garden plants from deer. They’re budget-friendly and can be used season after season. If you find some deer near your garden or growing plants that attract deer, you should never miss these ways. Let’s check them out!

#1 Put Up a Fence

The easiest and most effective way to keep deer out of your garden. Put on a fence around the garden border. There are many types for you to choose from, from pallet to wire. Just choose one that fits in your garden and your budget. This structure can be used season after season.

#2 Plant Heavily Scented Herbs and Flowers

I just love this method so much. Deer are resistant to the smell of herbs like lavender, chives, mint, and marigold. Growing them in your garden not only repel deer coming into here but also help spruce up your garden. These herbs are also used for cooking and garnishing. Some even offer medicinal properties. So good, right?

#3 Invisible Fence

Here is how this garden structure works in keeping deer out of your garden: The deer will brush up against the fishing line fence, and because of their vision, they can’t tell what is stopping them. Having something they can’t see brush up against them is usually enough to spook them and send them running back into the woods.

#4 Cat Food Burglar Alarm

This is also a charming decor for your garden. String a few tin cans together and hang them off the fishing line. When the deer bumps the monofilament, these cans will create noise that sends Bambi fleeing into the night. Easy, right?

#5 Windchimes

Finding an adorable friendly way to keep your fruit trees free from deer? Hang a few different sizes of wind chimes from the branches. They will create different sounds.

Keep in mind that you have to keep the deer guessing. Once they get used to a sound, the effect will wear off. So you can try tying balloons on strings from the branches. The wind will cause the balloons to move eerily in the trees.

#6 Switch It Up

Deer are highly suspicious of anything new. New sounds, new smells, even new objects usually may stop them from coming into a new land.

So you can try playing musical chairs with your garden gnomes. Place a pink flamingo or two at the edge of your garden. Make up a couple of scarecrows and move them around once a month. Your garden will also be more attractive with these.

#7 Shiny and Flashy

This method is super easy to proceed: Hang strings of old CDs from tree branches or along fishing line around the perimeter of your garden. They create noise and flashes of light when banging together. These will keep deer away.

#8 Watch Your Step

Simply stack your firewood in piles around areas where deer enter your garden. You can keep containers with plants and flowers upon your deck as deer are unlikely to try to climb up to reach them. Deer look incredibly graceful when bounding across a meadow, but they aren’t very good climbers. They often avoid steep slopes and hills in favor of flat areas.

#9 A Smelly Solution

Deer don’t tolerate the smell of the mixture of milk, raw eggs, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, and water. So you may spray or paint plants with that keep deer away. But don’t spray it on the plants you intend to eat. You can’t also deal with its smell, right?

#10 Super Soaker

Along with homemade deer repellents, you can try a professional deer repellent like TOMCAT Deer Repellent. Just remember to switch up what you use occasionally, to keep the deer on their toes.